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What is Crosdale & Associates

Crosdale & Associates is a global provider of specialized financial management and information technology solutions to corporate, non-profit, and federal clientele. Our professional staff amassed more than 60 combined years of experience in our respective fields, and provide substantial expertise in financial management, accounting, taxation, audit, financial analysis, information technology, and subject matter expertise in DBE/ACDBE regulations. As a team, we are committed to deliver a premier service and to ensure that our clienteles are number one at all time.

Who we serve

Industries are constantly challenged to explore new revenue streams while simultaneously focus on reducing cost. Crosdale & Associates delivers business solutions to manage this challenge and help clients to drive their business performance. Our functional capabilities and deep expertise in several industries ranging from enterprise to education and government work with diverse public sector makes this challenge a reality.

How we exceed

Crosdale & Associates advanced technology solutions lead your business to the future. We have the passion and expertise to make new technologies work for your business. The ongoing revolution of information and communication technologies is changing our business environment drastically. Today's new technologies influence to invest in your future and provide more options at lower costs.

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